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Storing spices properly often begins with having little jars that have a screw-top lid to keep the contents stay fresher for longer. This is also an ideal way to have a variety of spices in your kitchen so you can flavor food and meat right away. When it comes to storing all of your spices, you want to have a spice rack handy so you don’t have to fumble around a countertop or inside a cabinet looking for the right flavored spice.

Choosing The Best Spice Rack

Spice rack on countertop

There are many spice racks you can buy online that are perfect for storing on your countertop. These don’t take up too much space but honestly, they aren’t always built to store more than a dozen spices at a time. Unless you’re buying more than two or more spice racks, this will take up wall space if they’re mounted to the wall. Tower spice racks tend to be bulky and will take up as much space as a small espresso machine.

6 ways to store spices

Slide-Out Spice Rack Drawer

If you’re worried about keeping as much countertop space open without creating a traffic jam worth of little spice bottles everywhere you should consider a cabinet spice rack design. These can be built into existing cabinet space and work from a great innovative sliding door design. This makes it easier to store dozens of spice bottles within a confined space and still have room for all of your spare refill bottles or specialty spices.

These sliding racks also work the same exact way that a slide-out kitchen drawer works that hold your silverware and kitchen accessories. The only difference is that this type of spice rack mounts sideways so the ball bearings are mounted at the top and bottom of each rack frame. You might not realize that there is enough room already built into your existing cabinets where cabinets are joined together or have excess space that can be customized.

This allows you to cut into a cabinet space to install a cabinet drawer that matches your existing cabinetry. The rest is a matter of following the installation instructions so you have a sliding spice rack cabinet that opens and closes with ease.

What To Consider When Choosing A Slide-Out Spice Rack Drawer

Slide-out spice rack drawer In kitchen

The most important point you want to think about is how wide you want your spice rack to be. Most of the slimmest designs allow for 3-inches wide which will have enough room for a typical bottle of spice you buy at the store. These spice racks have rails inside them so the spices stand up and don’t slide around or fall over by accident.

These rails are also tall enough so you can take each spice bottle out with little effort for more stuff that doesn’t immediately need to be just spices. You can place food shortening kitchen oil bottles, and even liquor and flavored syrups. These drawers are especially great for multi-use spice rack shelves.

The last size that is worth considering is a 9-inch shelf, which will be for holding lots of kitchen goods that you use for cooking and spices. It’s one of the largest vertical slide-out drawers and will be optimal for storing a lot of kitchen supplies. You can take a look at how these cabinet slide out spice racks are a assembled for a better understanding of they work.

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