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Farmhouse kitchen cabinets are going to be a simple matter of cabinet type rather than style, except for the fine-tuned need for color and texture. To make any kitchen feel more like a farmhouse style, the first step is selecting the right type of cabinet that fits best. Here are some great suggestions that always work best.

Shaker Cabinets

Shaker Cabinets for Farmhouse Kitchen

One of the first types of cabinet designs that will immediately work perfectly for any farmhouse kitchen is shaker cabinets. They are easily identified because of their simple construction and for this very reason, play an important role in farmhouse kitchen design. Shaker cabinet frames are not all that complicated (and by definition) are simple, yet attractive for their charming appeal.

These cabinet door frames consist of 5 pieces of wood with four of these pieces creating a frame and the fifth is centered within that frame. Shaker frames can be constructed from any type of wood, but for the needs of any kitchen, they tend to be hardwood so they’ll last a long time. Most of the original cabinets were constructed from Hickory, Oak, or Maple and are not overly finished so the wood grain is clearly seen right away.

It’s been very popular for these cabinets to be painted white or other light colors such as faded navy blue or seafoam green. The latest trend also includes a generous amount of stress which makes the cabinets appear they are older than they appear. Scratches, rubbed-off and faded paint, and all sorts of scuff marks make these cabinets look more authentic, but only for cosmetic effect since the cabinets will often be brand new.

Some cabinets have a very rustic appearance and show off the rich wood grain by using colored stains. The most convincing farmhouse cabinets will have a combination of coloring and aging effects to inspire a rustic experience of kitchen furniture that looks older than it really is.


Beadboard Cabinets For Farmhouse Kitchen

Beadboard is another effective choice of cabinet style which is also visually appealing. It uses a shaker-style frame except for the centerboard which has vertical grooves cut along the outside of the wood. This gives a striped appearance which adds additional texture to the shaker cabinet door frames. Once again, these frames are commonly painted white colors or similar colors to typical shaker cabinets.

Beadboard isn’t typically stressed with aging effects and is better suited for painting with light or white colors only. If the surface is left unpainted, these surfaces look better when a rich wood stain is used to enhance the natural wood grain.

Chicken Wire Cabinet Doors

Chicken Wire Cabinet Doors for Farmhouse Kitchen

To get a very rustic effect in a farmhouse kitchen, it doesn’t get any closer to farmhouse than using chicken wire. This wasn’t really a big thing until more than a decade ago when it was beginning to be used as a shabby chic alternative to glass-framed cabinets. It looks rustic and is perfect for cabinets that you can see into. The only problem is that the wire can deform easily if something gets bumped into the wire.

There are other versions of wire mesh that are thicker than chicken wire which might be more durable, so the overall appearance can be changed if the holes on chicken wire prove to be too large for cabinet doors. Alternatively, chicken wire can be sandwiched or glued between two sheets of plexiglass to keep it straight.

Framed Glass Cabinets

Framed Glass Cabinets for Farmhouse Kitchen

Adding framed glass cabinet doors is another stylish way to make a farmhouse kitchen appear elegant. Smaller sections of glass are set within a framing grid to produce several patterns depending on the complexity of a cabinet door. It can also include a single pane of glass that is inserted into a shaker cabinet-style frame to create a clearer view into a cabinet likewise.

Many versions of glass framed cabinets include clear glass, frosted glass, stained glass, or etched glass with designs added onto the surface. There is no limit when adding glass frames and can make a farmhouse kitchen feel bigger just from the added depth of space. Many choices of material are also starting to use tempered glass that doesn’t crack if something bumps into it. The price is a little bit higher but will last a lot longer overall.

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