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Among the most basic tools in your kitchen will often include a fridge, oven, dishwasher, and microwave. But there are other types of electric appliances that are just as essential for daily life. If you don’t have one or more of these handy appliances in your kitchen, perhaps it’s time to consider getting one of them to make life easier in the kitchen. A  kitchen is not any other place where both small and large appliances save your effort and time every day. Besides, there are some large and crucial appliances using electricity in the kitchen such as dishwashers, ovens, under sink water heater and refrigerators, on the other hand, there are also small appliances using electricity in the kitchen. No modern kitchen that should lack some of these electric appliances:

Food Processor

Food Processor for kitchen

Unlike a blender, a food processor is used for all sorts of food preparation. It’s good for blending items into a liquid but more commonly it’s better suited for chopping veggies that would take forever cutting them manually. A food processor is perfect for making bread or pizza dough and various types of batter. The blades can be switched out to control the size of chopped items and will obviously have speed control settings.

It’s an all-in-one machine that is perfect if you prefer the option to have a food chopper, puree blender, and dough mixer in a single appliance.

Water Purifier And Filter

Water Purifier And Filter for home

Not such a multitasking appliance for doing more than one job in the kitchen but will be one of the most important items for what it actually does. Having clean filtered water is not only healthier to drink, filtered water helps remove impurities that are found in tap water that could potentially be unhealthy for you to drink. Another advantage is removing foul tastes from unfiltered that can ruin recipes that use water in the ingredients.

Water filters also can provide limitless amounts of clean water at any time of the day and are cheaper than buying bottled water from the store.

Electric Pressure Cooker

Electric Pressure Cooker for kitchen

Pressure cookers have always been a life-saving item in kitchens where food needs to be cooked using pressure. Electric pressure cookers aren’t a one-horse show and offer a variety of functions. It can cook rice and porridge, make yogurt and cake, in addition to cooking eggs in their shell, and even is used for sterilizing items. Because the functions will allow warming and steaming, it’s perfect for sautéed sauces and even searing.

Since it can be programmed to work on lower temperatures, it’s a lot like a crockpot for cooking entire meals all day long so meat turns out tender and juicy.

Hand Blender

Girl blending fruits with Hand Blender

These are also called wand mixers since they are portable enough to use in the kitchen when using a standard blender won’t be practical. Hand mixers make it easy to blend or mix small amounts of food and ingredients in small containers or in a mixing bowl. It can also mix drinks and smoothies right in a cup as long as the blender tip can fit inside. This is why it makes a job like blending sauces and creating purees with little to no cleanup involved.

Clean-up is as simple as washing off the blender tip rather than needing to clean the inside of a traditional blender.

Coffee Grinder

Coffee Grinder for kitchen

Coffee making in the kitchen is about as vital to many people who enjoy drinking coffee every day. If you like to have great-tasting coffee, it’s essential to have coffee beans that are freshly ground. While there are many kinds of coffee grinders, an electric burr grinder is recommended to regulate the overall size of the granules. This also is better for brewing since irregular-sized coffee grounds will brew faster than others.

This abnormality can cause coffee to release oils from the bean that can make coffee taste bitter. The right kind of coffee grinder keeps consistency so that the taste of coffee is better controlled overall.

Electric Kettle

Electric Kettle for kitchen

Putting a kettle on the stovetop isn’t always ideal since it was a matter of hit or miss trying to keep water from boiling too quickly or getting too hot. An electric kettle makes this process a lot easier since the automatic function controls temperature much better than a kettle on the stove. Sensors also can turn off an electric kettle when it reaches a chosen temperature or keep it at a constant for a short length of time.

Depending on the style of water kettle, a gooseneck pour spout can also be chosen more for its purpose when it comes to making coffee.

Toaster Oven

Women Making cake in Toaster Oven

What a microwave does for heating food in a short time cannot match the variety of tasks that a good toaster oven provides for its kitchen users. It’s a better way to warm leftover food since it uses a heating element just like a standard oven. Because it’s smaller than an oven, it will be good for smaller food items that are perfect for making breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

The temperature can be adjusted and placed on a timer to keep food from burning. It’s also more practical when warming up the oven isn’t best for toasting and baking various types of food.

Electric Grill

Electric Grill for kitchen

An electric grill helps cook food items that need to cook in a shorter period than food meant for a standard kitchen oven. It’s better suited for cooking meats like chicken, pork, beef, and fish on a portable grill that recreates the grill flavor you would get on a traditional grilling surface. Interestingly enough, the newest electric grills units do a very reliable job at grilling food without much hassle that grilling often takes.

Electric grills are also very easy to clean afterward and have non-stick surfaces that usually need a paper towel to wipe off excess grease or burnt fats. Because they can be plugged in anywhere, their portability in the kitchen makes them very practical.

Stand Mixer

Stand Mixer for kitchen

If you’ve heard of names like Hobart or Kitchen-Aid, you most likely think of those fancy stand mixers. Either model is high quality and consistent with its mixing functions and is highly prized in any kitchen. Both are also ideal for mixing ingredients for making cake, bread, and pizza dough. Stand mixers have powerful motors and are much more precise than a basic hand mixer.

This is why having a stand mixer is perfect for recipes that require items to be added at select mixing times. When mixing is a must, a stand mixer is always going to provide mixed ingredients better than a hand mixer can provide.

Coffee Maker

Girl making coffee with Coffee Maker

Having a decent coffee machine in your kitchen will all have a laundry list of functions depending on the type of coffee or espresso that’s made. This is why finding a good machine is going to be harder since there are so many models on the market. Electric coffee makers can be as simple as adding coffee grounds into a filter bucket and hot water is automatically poured to make fresh coffee.

As the models get more complicated, they can include functions such as making coffee and espresso, other models include a steam wand or coffee bean grinders that are built-in. The price of automatic coffee machines will obviously become more expensive when added functions and features are sold with these models.

If your a coffee lover, you likely already have a traditional coffee machine so you may want to look at upgrading to one of the many devices designed for brewing premium coffee.